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Post  Kalledon on Sun Oct 02, 2011 1:17 pm

Faction Leader: Kalledon

Faction Moderator: Rastilan

Faction Members: SeriesX1

Faction Member Limit: No current limit

Faction Home World: Skylands

Faction Bases in other worlds: Embassy in Harmony

Current Home Point: Solaria, Skylands

Description: The SkyGuard are one of the primary factions for the Skylands. They are tasked with protecting the realm as well controlling the airways. As such they are masters of sky technology and build airships for the other factions.

Current Project: Building up Solaria. Solaria is our first main town in Skylands. It still needs a lot of work to be fully functional.

Long Term Projects: Airship Stockyards - since we are tasked with building airships for other factions, we'll eventually need to setup a good location to make building them easier. I'd like to have a location setup like an Airship Factory were we store resources and build the physical airships before giving them to whoever is purchasing it. Celestia - while Solaria is our current town, Celestia will be our capital. once Solaria is finished I plan to begin construction of our captial city Celestia is a somewhat more removed location that cannot be immediately reached after exiting the main Airship between Harmony and Skylands. Secret Project - there is a secret project I will share with faction members if they ask about it.

Notes: While I definitely want Solaria built up, it is perfectly reasonable to have homes/outposts on the world of Harmony. We already have an embassy attached to the town of Harmony as well.

Allies: We are currently allied with Harmony and the Enochians.

Foes: We currently do not have any enemies, though there is word of a possible faction of evil wizards and warlocks that we may have to be alert for.

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The SkyGuard Empty Re: The SkyGuard

Post  Rastilan on Sun Oct 02, 2011 2:56 pm

Very well said, im stealing your Application form and making this the official form in how Factions should be displayed Razz

also You will have to let me know of this secret project, as I plan on making the Skyguard my Faction Very Happy

also i had to leave the faction the other day to set one up.. so we MAY have to redo my title Sad
Ill probably make a separate Admin account for making Factions

Thanks for updating your post so quick Very Happy

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